Speech4All - Speech and Language Therapy, Auckland

Does my child need Speech Language Therapy?

Have a look at the ‘Speech and Language Development Guidelines’ in Resources – is your child meeting the different milestones? Speech4All is happy to discuss any concerns and offers a 15 minute screener to support you in deciding if your child requires Speech and Language Therapy.

Where does Speech Language Therapy take place?

Sessions usually take place in the home environment where the child feels comfortable. Parents and siblings are also able to join in during some sessions where appropriate to enhance and target therapy goals. Sessions can also take place in a school or pre school

How long do the sessions last and how often are they?

Usually sessions are 30 minutes depending on therapy and child age. Initial assessments often take 1 – ½ hours. Sessions are usually weekly however, as they are individualised they can be twice – weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what best suits your child and their need.

How long will my child need Speech Language Therapy?

Each child is different and requires different therapy approaches. This is something that can be discussed to best meet your child’s needs.

Does the Speech4All therapist work with my child’s teacher and other professionals?

Speech4All aims to provide the best service for each individual. Often this does involve speaking with other professionals working with your child as collaboration can strengthen therapy. This is only done following permission from the parent.

Is there anything that I can be doing at home between sessions?

Often the Speech Language Therapist will provide some follow-up/homework activities for you to continue between sessions with your child. These are important to support your child to achieve their goals. Provision of activities and resources can be discussed and are determined on an individual basis.

How do I get in contact with my Speech Language Therapist?

On initial assessment the Speech4All therapist will give you their business card with phone number and email address. We request you give 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment or session time.